Winnipeg city councillor has new pitch for organic waste collection

WINNIPEG —; The debate over how an organic waste collection program would look in Winnipeg is about to fire up again at City Hall.

A motion to halt the proposed collection plan will be discussed at a committee meeting this coming week.

In an email sent to Global News on Saturday morning, the chair of that committee St. Vital representative Brian Mayes, said he supports suspending the current plan which includes three options that would cost between $55 and $11 per year.


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“It appears the majority of council wants to stop the staff curb-side collection plan, but the majority also want to do ‘something’ on organics,” wrote Mayes.

Mayes wants other ideas to be examined when it comes to a city-run organics collections program, like involving local schools.

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“Working with our colleagues in the school divisions I would hope to encourage students throughout the city to make composting a habit,” he continued.

The Winnipeg School Division and Louis Riel School Division both say they would welcome such a partnership.

But one critic says enough is already being done in schools to promote composting and Mayes’ suggestion is just bumping an important conversation down the line.

“We’re already working on the school front. We don’t need it for schools, it’s a diversion tactic, it’s changing the subject wat we need to talk about is homeowners who want to have their organics picked up,” said Jennifer Feschuk with the Green Action Centre.

Mayes plans to discuss the idea with school trustees next month.

The organic waste collection program will be up for debate on Thursday during the Water, Waste, Riverbank Management and Environment Committee meeting.