UPDATE: Police officer recorded body-slamming 12-year-old student in San Antonio fired

A school police officer who was captured body-slamming a 12-year-old female student on video at a San Antonio, Texas school has been fired.

In the video, officer Joshua Kehm could be seen struggling with the young girl before slamming her to the ground where she laid motionless before being handcuffed.

The incident occurred at Rhodes Middle School in San Antonio, TX., on March 29.


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The school aboard announced in a statement Monday that it had terminated Kehm.

“We understand that situations can sometimes escalate to the point of requiring a physical response; however, in this situation we believe that the extent of the response was absolutely unwarranted,” Superintendent Pedro Martinez said in a statement.

“Additionally, the officer’s report was inconsistent with the video and it was also delayed, which is not in accordance with the general operating procedures of the police department.”

“We want to be clear that we will not tolerate this behavior,” assured Martinez.

According to multiple reports, the incident began after two female students began yelling at one another.

School officials said they became aware of the incident when the video was posted to social media. The officer, identified as Joshua Kehm, was placed on paid administrative leave Wednesday morning.

The Grade 6 student, identified as Janissa Valdez, told NBC affiliate WOAI in San Antonio she doesn’t remember being thrown to the ground. She added that the incident occurred as other students gathered, hoping for a fight between her and the other girl.