Strong support for Manitoba Tories just ahead of election: poll

WINNIPEG —; Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives are well ahead of the other parties with just over a week from election day.

An Insightrix Research poll done for Global News and CJOB 680 shows the 800 Manitobans surveyed place Brian Pallister and the Progressive Conservatives (PCs) in majority government territory.

The poll shows 49 per cent of decided voters plan to cast their ballot for the PCs, while 24 per cent plan to vote NDP and 22 per cent for Liberals.

The Green Party polled at five per cent, and one per cent of decided voters said they are voting for another party.

The Tories have more support among men and older voters, and the NDP and Liberals have more support among women and younger voters, according to the poll.

Undecided votes

When it comes to undecided voters, the pictures isn’t quite as clear.

Seventeen per cent of respondents said they are leaning towards the Tories, 16 per cent are thinking of voting for the NDP and 15 per cent may vote for the Liberals.

Who do Manitobans think would make the best Premier?

The poll shows 35 per cent of respondents believe PC Leader Brian Pallister would make the best Premier. That’s compared with 17 per cent supporting NDP Leader Greg Selinger and 12 per cent supporting Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari .

When respondents were asked if if they were voting for the leader or party, only 12 per cent said the leader. Fifty three per cent said they would vote for the party. Thirty per cent said they would be voting for the local candidate.

The Insightrix Research poll margin of error is +/- 3.5 per cent.