John Gormley resigns from Remai Modern Art Gallery board

SASKATOON – The board of the Remai Modern Art Gallery has one less member after local radio talk show host John Gormley resigned. Gormley sent a letter to the board chair, saying the position would interfere with his independence as a member of the media.



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    “Anyone involved in the media, whether as reporters or commentators, should avoid activities that might compromise or give the appearance of compromising their independence and their ability to speak frankly and honestly on issues they may cover and which are important matters of public policy,” Gormley stated in his letter, which he posted to his 老域名怎么购买 account.

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    He says his role as a board member would also be a conflict of interest with a civic election on the horizon as there is the possibility the gallery may arise as an election issue.

    “It is also well known that one of the directors on (the Remai) board may stand as a candidate for Mayor and I want to be free and unfettered to comment on that election and other issues facing our city and province,” stated Gormley.

    After terror attacks in Paris last December, a group of artists wanted him removed from the board over an offensive tweet about Muslims. At that time he refused to step down.

    The tweet has since been removed and Gormley apologized for it during his show.

    Gormley says he is still a proponent of the art gallery.