Jack Buckley, accused of murdering mother, makes first court appearance

A young Nova Scotia man charged with murdering his mother made his first court appearance on Monday in Bridgewater provincial court.

John “Jack” Buckley was arrested Friday by RCMP. He is facing a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Victoria Brauns-Buckley.

The 57-year-old was found dead inside her home on Borgles Point Road in Chester Basin, N.S., in March 2012.

Buckley arrived for his court appearance Monday in sheriffs’ custody. He chose to stay in the holding area of the courthouse rather then appearing in court himself. Instead, he designated his lawyer to speak on his behalf.


“There was really no purpose in him coming to court. He was aware the press was present and chose to remain in his cell,” said Pat MacEwen, Buckley’s defence lawyer.

Inside the courtroom, MacEwen asked for more time to get disclosures of evidence and information from the crown and RCMP.

“We’ve received very little information at this point in time. I understand police are gathering information to provide to us, hopefully we can have some of that in the next few weeks,” said MacEwen.

The judge agreed to adjourn the case until May 11. At that time, it’s expected dates for a preliminary hearing will be set.

Previously charged with mother’s murder

This isn’t the first time Jack Buckley has been behind bars.

He was originally arrested three days after his mother’s death and charged with second-degree murder. At just 18, he spent nine months behind bars.

The Crown attorney officially withdrew the second-degree murder charge against Buckley in December 2012.

More than four years later, police again arrested and charged Buckley with his mother’s killing.

“It remained an active homicide investigation. The RCMP continued their investigation and at this stage, there is further evidence that supported a charge being laid,” said Crown attorney, Leigh-Ann Bryson.

“Obviously, the police continued their investigation. They feel they have more information now than what they had before. That remains to be seen. We’re still waiting to see what, if any, new information they’ve gathered in the last few years,” said MacEwen.

When asked how Buckley was doing behind bars, MacEwen said “he’s accused of the murder of his mother, so he’s not doing great.”

MacEwen originally represented Buckley in 2012 when the first murder charge was laid.

Unlike four years ago, this time police have accused Buckley of first-degree murder, which means they believe the killing of his mother was both planned and deliberate.

MacEwen says the case against Buckley is unique.

“We have seen instances where individuals have been charged, charges have been withdrawn and discharged and charges have been re-laid. It’s not entirely novel, but it is different then the usual case,” he said.

At this time, there are no additional charges expected to be laid against Buckley.

If he wants to apply for bail, the judge has said he will need to file an application with the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.