Dorval holds register for residents opposing condo project

DORVAL – Dorval citizens are one step away from stopping a proposed condo development on the Lakeshore.

Yhe City of Dorval opened up a register Tuesday from 9 a.m to 7 p.m.

With 240 signatures, residents would force a referendum on the issue.

Those opposing the project are giving it their all for the last push.

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  • Dorval residents mobilize to stop condo building project

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    “It’s just an ugly, ugly, huge, massive project that the street just can’t take,” said Margot Diochon, on her way to signing the register.

    But her reason for signing go beyond just stopping the six-level condo from being built.

    It’s also about sending a message to Dorval’s mayor, Edgar Rouleau.

    “It’s to show the mayor that he just can’t walk all over the people of Dorval,” Diochon said.

    Many of the voters Global News spoke to have been going door-to-door for months, informing people about the register.

    READ MORE: Dorval residents mobilize to stop condo building project

    That includes Rachelle Cournoyer, who has also been driving people around since early morning.

    “Oh, we’re doing that all day,” said Cournoyer, with enthusiasm.

    Mike Nizzola couldn’t vote because he doesn’t live in the zone affected by the building, but he came down to city hall to support those who could.

    “We need every vote we can get,” he said, as he thanked a voter as they exited city hall.

    “Sometimes people need encouragement, they need a thank you and they feel much happier about making a statement.”

    Chalk messages and boards were set up throughout Dorval, encouraging people to sign the register and “stop the condo,” although not everyone liked the message.

    “I think it should go forward,” said Linda Mcaleer, a longtime Dorval resident whose husband sold his building to the developers.

    She insisted it was the right thing to do, that the area could use a facelift.

    “I think it’s very unfair, the movement has been started by a few people in the newer building next door who were very happy to move to Dorval but seem to think that Dorval just belongs to them,” she said.

    Global News reached out to Dorval’s mayor; his staff said he couldn’t comment because he is away and no one else was able to comment on the project.

    By lunch time, condo critics were nearly halfway to their goal.