Accused killer points finger at own brother in Ryan Lane trial

CALGARY – Things heated up in a Calgary courtroom Tuesday afternoon, when accused Tim Rempel pointed the finger at his own brother.

Rempel, his wife Sheena Cuthill, and his brother Will Rempel are all accused of the kidnapping and first-degree murder of Ryan Lane.

The prosecution alleges Lane was killed over custody of the child he shared with Cuthill.



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    There were several objections in the courtroom, as Tim spoke about his brother Will.

    He testified Will told him “he burned Ryan’s body.”

    The jury was told to ignore the comment; the judge deeming it hearsay.

    Tim spent the entire day on the stand.

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    He gave the history of how he met Cuthill in the fall of 2011 and only months later, she discovered she was pregnant with their child.

    The 30-year-old said he married her and wanted to adopt the little girl she shared with Lane.

    He admits he was frustrated when Lane came back in the picture, wanting visitation.

    Rempel’s defence lawyer Allan Fay asked, “did you feel anger towards Ryan Lane?”

    Rempel replied: “I did…he was using any excuse he could to communicate with Sheena…it upset me.”

    He told court he repeatedly expressed to Cuthill that he wanted to meet Lane. He said he wanted to talk, not harm or kill him.

    “It became like the elephant in the room for us,” Rempel testified.

    “I had gotten to what I felt was my tipping point,” he said, telling the court he “needed to go talk to him.”

    Early on Feb. 6, he said he got the ‘okay’ from Cuthill to proceed with the talk.

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    That evening, the last night Lane was seen alive, Rempel said he called Lane from a city pay phone.

    “I told him I got pictures he would be interested in of [his daughter] and his ex,” Rempel testified he went on to set up a meet.

    He explained his brother Will was to pick Lane up and drive him to a rural location near Airdrie.

    “The sole purpose of me being there was to talk to him,” Rempel said, “I showed him pictures on my phone.”

    That’s when Rempel said Lane made comments about his wife. “That she’s still his and he still loves her.”

    “I told him he can’t have a relationship with Sheena, that boat has sailed,” Rempel explained.

    He said an altercation ensued.

    “He shoved me…I wasn’t expecting anything like that and he pushed me so I reacted. I reacted to defend myself.”

    “I hit him with my left hand on the nose and the lips…he was crying.”

    “I told him if he can’t get past this the conversation is over,” Rempel said.

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    He said he decided to leave Lane on the road.

    “When you left that location was Ryan Lane alive?” Fay asked.

    “Yes,” Rempel replied.

    He added he also witnessed his brother drive away.

    His lawyer asked him why he lied to police days after Lane disappeared, telling detectives he’d never met Lane.

    “I was afraid…I was afraid for what might happen,” he said.

    Tim Rempel will continue his testimony Wednesday.