Accused killer maintains she was not part of any plan to kill Ryan Lane

Sheena Cuthill has spent two full days on the stand, testifying in her own defence. The 30-year-old maintains she was not a part of any plan to kill Ryan Lane.

Cuthill admits there was plan, but says it was simply “to make Ryan walk away.”

She is charged with the kidnapping and first-degree murder of Lane, along with her husband Tim Rempel and his brother Will Rempel.



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    On Monday, Cuthill spent most of the day under cross examination. The Crown didn’t mince words – at one point telling Cuthill not to be cute and to answer the questions.

    She admitted she didn’t want Lane in their daughter’s life and that the little girl already had Tim as her father.

    Cuthill told court the plan was to have her husband approach Lane and intimidate him.

    Cuthill testified she didn’t believe Lane would be hurt.

    “I expected there to be a little rough-housing,” she said. “I was assuming there was going to be some fighting.”

    She also admitted she was in charge of giving the OK for that encounter but didn’t know any further details.

    “That’s all my part was, to say yes,” Cuthill explained.

    “You want us to believe you said yes to something you didn’t know about?” the Crown asked.

    Cuthill replied saying, “You are giving my ‘yes’ more power and authority than it had.”

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    The Crown kept pushing.

    “You already knew what they were going to do.”

    “No,” Cuthill replied.

    “I suggest you knew they were going to kill Ryan Lane, ” the Crown said to Cuthill.

    “No,” she answered.

    The prosecution also implied she lied when she told Lane’s mother and police she had no idea where Lane was days after he disappeared.

    “I did not know where Ryan was,” Cuthill said.

    The Crown continued.

    “But you had an idea who she [Lane’s mom] could ask?”

    “Yes,” Cuthill replied.

    “That she could ask Tim?” the Crown continued.

    “Yes,” Cuthill answered.

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    Tim Rempel will testify in his defence beginning Tuesday morning.